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South Kivu: 36 provincial MP join the Sacred Union



The majority of the provincial MP of South Kivu signed on Saturday, February 22, their adhesion to the Sacred Union of the Nation. This act is contained in a declaration made public at the South Kivu provincial assembly in Bukavu. These MP, elected from several territories of South Kivu, also congratulated the Head of State for his choice made during the appointment of Prime Minister Sama Lukonde.

This declaration of accession to the Sacred Union was signed by thirty-six of the forty-eight provincial deputies of the South Kivu provincial assembly.

On the list are the names of all the members of the bureau, starting with President Zacharie Lwamira. Most are members of political parties such as the PPRD, UNC, MS, AFDC-A and even traditional chiefs who have been co-opted as provincial deputies.

While reaffirming their commitment to defend the interests of the people who mandated them, these deputies say they are determined to support and accompany the vision of the Head of State to unite the Congolese in the Sacred Union for Development.

By this act, the provincial deputies of South Kivu join the provincial governor who was the first to sign his adhesion to the Sacred Union initiated by Felix Tshisekedi.

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