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Muhammad Waqas Khalil, musician and entrepreneur, our influencer of the day



At 22 years old and a native of the city of Peshmane in Pakistan, Muhammad Waqas Khalil, as the “Influencer of the Day” webcast classifies him, is a young talent to be discovered. He is one of the figures of digital marketing and Pakistani music.

By his full name Muhammad Waqas Khalil, he is a Pakistani musician, entrepreneur, digital marketer and influencer. His YouTube channel culminates in thousands of monthly views on this musical content.

In digital marketing, he is the founder and owner of a startup which, thanks to the digital progress of the company, makes him one of the youngest promising entrepreneurs in all the countries of the Middle East in Asia.

But who is he?

Muhammad Waqas Khalil was born on February 5, 2002 in the city of Peshmane in Pakistan. He did his secondary studies in zoology, then began his musical career barely finishing high school at the age of 18.

In Pakistan, he became popular on the internet as a musician artist and digital marketing entrepreneur. Muhammad Waqas Khalil also stood out with a background in blogging, with much more content in English.

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