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Haut-Katanga: the office of the provincial assembly deposed



The entire office of the Haut-Katanga provincial assembly was deposed from office on Friday, February 12.The vote came during a plenary session chaired by the dean of age Antoine-Gabriel Kyungu wa Kumwanza.MLAs will soon be called upon to elect new members of the board. 

The members of the outgoing office were the subject of two petitions. The first signed by 19 MP concerned all members of the office except their president.

The second supported by 21 deputies was against the President of this deliberative body. To each other, it was blamed either for incompetence or financial mismanagement or for the mismanagement of their respective fields.

Long before the petitioners explained the grievances against those in their sights, the age office informed the plenary that the rapporteur had written his letter of resignation.A position that he himself confirmed in front of the audience.

Each of the members of the office in his defence while brushing aside the grievances against him asked the plenary to reject the petition by voting for its continuation.

After the vote, out of 46 MP present, 28 voted for the impeachment of President Freddy Kashoba. The other members of the board received 16 votes in each case and 30 against.

At the end of the session, the members of the sacred union welcomed the outcome of this election, which marks the beginning of a new wind in this assembly, once dominated by the pro-Kabila MP. 

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