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Budget 2020: The government spent 75.2% on salaries and the functioning of institutions



The structuring of public expenditure in 2020 indicates that the Treasury spent 75.2% on the remuneration and operation of the Republic's institutions, while 10% of the expenditure, or USD 423 million, was carried out in emergency procedure, i.e. without respecting the chain of expenditure.

On the revenue side valued at USD 4.117 billion, the Treasury account indicates that own resources were in the range of 83.35% compared to 16.65% for external revenues.

Analysis of this table of the State account shows that the mobilization of revenues was small compared to even the amending budget of USD 5.7 billion, a deficit of about 1.6 billion USD.

Similarly, the structuring of expenditure indicates that the bulk of the State's resources go into the remuneration and functioning of the institutions of the Republic while not much is allocated to public investment. As a result, the government is not working for development, let alone the emergence of the country.  

"No country can develop with such a structure of public revenue and expenditure. We need to look for more important ways to carry out our development policies. To settle for such a budget is to condemn the country to mediocrity and underdevelopment," argued Noel Tshiani Muadiamvita on his Tweeter account.

According to the African Central Banks Association's fiscal, monetary and exchange rate policy convergence criteria, governments should invest at least 30% of tax revenues in public investment to boost the national economy.

In the case of the DRC, 86% of tax revenues were allocated to the remuneration and functioning of the Republic's institutions, according to the Central Bank of Congo.

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