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What is the blue part of a gum for?



It's a school material that rocked our childhood. Do you remember that? This is obviously the mythical pink and blue gum. We thought the last part was used to erase the pen. Discover the true usefulness of this mysterious half that has not been elucidated, even in adulthood.

Relayed by our colleagues at CNews, the role of the blue part of this gum finally lifts the veil on all our questions. And for good reason, the intrepid who tried it tore their sheet. No, this bluish half doesn't erase pen ink at all, contrary to what everyone thinks. 

What is the use of the bluish part of the gum?

Since elementary school, the students have all tried to use the bluish part of the iconic pink gum. While some realized its ineffectiveness in erasing pen writing, others pressed so hard that they tore up their sheet. Even today, the role of this supposedly useful part of erasing ink has not yet been brought up to date. The reason? The latter is simply dedicated to erasing the pencil again. The only exception: the bluish part of this essential gum of our childhood is effective for stiffer papers. While the pink tip is composed of rubber and erases the thinner supports, its opposite is formidable against traces on harder surfaces. Cardboard, tapestry, walls, nothing escapes this light blue end. One thing is certain: no mystery hangs over this friend of our school kits. This teacher writes a letter for all parents. For him, it is very important that they check their school supplies.

How does a blue gum erase?

If we now know what the bluish part of this cult gum is for, few really know why this art or school material manages to erase the pencil. Yet the answer to this mystery is simple. This tool simply contains pumice particles, a material abrasive enough to erase these traces on paper. This volcanic stone is also useful for sanding varnished wood. Hence the blue on our gums. Unbelievable, isn't it?

Blue Gum – Fabiosa Source

Why is this gum so popular?

Certainly, students don't need to polish varnished wood in art class. Only, this classic two-tone gum has been kept by sellers although the blue end is never used by our little blonde heads. The Maped brand concluded that this two-coloured gum was more successful. The reason?It brings back good memories for the parents of the children who continue to buy this equipment at the beginning of the school year! A marketing argument, then, which makes this gum still have bright days ahead of it. Sometimes supplies can be used to write words of love.This mother understood this and made her daughter benefit from it.

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