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Trump Announces The Suspension Of “Green Cards”



The American president, who says he wants to protect the unemployed American, decides to suspend the program of “green cards” which offer permanent resident status in the United States.

Faced with the brutal rise in unemployment due to the Covid-19, US President Donald Trump announced Tuesday a 60-day “break” on the issuance of green cards that offer permanent resident status .

Almost 24 hours after having announced, in a spectacular but very vague tweet, a temporary suspension of immigration to protect American jobs, the tenant of the White House has specified the contours of a decree which he will sign ” probably “Wednesday.

It will not apply not to temporary work visas but only to “Green cards”, and with possible exemptions.

“We must give priority to the American worker” , he insisted six months before the presidential election in which he will run for a second four-year term.

“It would be unfair for the Americans to be replaced by a workforce from abroad”, insisted the former New York businessman, elected in 2016 on the promise to build a wall between the states United States and Mexico.

22 million new unemployed

The world’s leading economy faced unimaginable figures just a few weeks ago: it has 22 million new unemployed workers.

According to official figures, the United States granted permanent resident status to some ,577,000 people in the 2019 fiscal year .

The number of temporary visas rose to 462,000, a sharp drop from the 617,000 granted in 2016.

To combat the spread of the coronavirus, Donald Trump had already restricted travel with China since January, before ” prohibit, for non-Americans, travel between the United States and most European countries.

But the blurred presidential tweet had sparked strong reactions, his political opponents accusing him of using the pandemic to promote a hard line on immigration.

Many migrants are on the front line and protect us Jerry Nadler Democratic Member of the House of Representatives

Texas elected official Joaquin Castro denounced an maneuver “aimed at diverting attention from Trump’s failure to arrest the spread of the coronavirus ““It is also a decision worthy of an authoritarian regime to take advantage of a crisis to push its anti-immigration program” , he added.

His colleague Jerry Nadler deplored that the president chose to make migrants the scapegoats of the current crisis. “The reality is that many migrants are on the front line and protect us: doctors, nurses, caregivers, farm workers, restaurant workers”.

Decision of the Supreme Court

If, as is likely, the debate takes place in the judicial field, the debates will be followed with particular attention.

The Supreme Court has, in recent months, awarded several significant victories to the Trump administration over immigration.

A month ago, she authorized him to pursue a policy which made it possible to return to Mexico more than 60,000 asylum seekers.

Announced in December 2018 and implemented a month later, this policy, dubbed “Stay in Mexico” , targets all asylum seekers arriving in the United States via Mexico, but not the Mexicans themselves, and allows them to be kept outside the United States while their files are being examined.

Proof if it was necessary that Donald Trump has his eyes riveted on the presidential election of November 3, he multiplied on Tuesday morning the tweets on his popularity, and on his victory of 2016.

“It is incredible that I am become president of the United States with such corrupt and dishonest media that attack me day and night,” he wrote. “Either I am very good, much better than Fake news would like to admit, or they do not have the power that we thought!”

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